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Custom Transfers

The Sublimation process basically turns the ink into a gas and blends it into the fabric or item you are transferring the image on to. Sublimation can be done to a wide range of products. You can transfer images on to flags, clothing, mouse pads, coasters, cups, mugs, license plate frames, trailer hitch covers, and the list of items goes on and on.


You Create, We Print, You Press

Avoid the printing headaches

Were not just a sublimation printing company, we do it all. We can  help with design, put your ideas together and questions. 

Those that just want printing services, we have great print ready pricing! We offer multiple sizes and gang printing at no additional charge.

Print Ready Pricing:

8.5 x 11 = 1.50 each

8.5 x 14 = 1.65 each

11 x 17 = 2.85 each

13 x 19 = 4.50 each

17 x 22 = 7.00 each

19 x 25 = 8.00 each

We can print up to 42 inches wide

email for additional pricing.

Printing Requirements: We print using CMYK. To get this pricing your artwork needs to be print ready. We take the file you submit and print it. Do not mirror the image our software does that.

Files accepted: PNG or Tiff, For larger files we can provide a dropbox link if needed.

Live in the Bay Area? Save money with local pick up.
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